If we don’t use True Sex Dolls much, we have to think about how to use them? If we buy, many shopkeepers and sellers will also give us usage cards. .

The physical life-like doll is very similar to the real person. After all, it is made according to the proportion of the real person, and it also has some steel structure for convenience. Since your sex life may have certain requirements and you may have special tastes for certain actions, a sex doll with freely movable body joints can meet these requirements. I can. The average sex doll is basically 50kg to 70kg, but when touching, it is very important to touch the real person, especially the slender thighs and high chest. So, I have strong psychological needs, so one might want to ask, is there an attention issue with playing with shemale sex dolls for the first time?

In fact, this is true. That is to say, it must be washed with water and then disinfected before use, so as to ensure the use time of the male sex doll. We are in good health and it is best to apply some lubricant before use. And after use, we also need to clean the private parts of these dolls, so that we can put them away, wipe them clean with a dry cloth, and put them in a cool place. What we need to pay attention to is that it cannot be exposed to the sun, otherwise, it will cause the silicone to age. Basically, these are the things you need to pay attention to when using a real doll for the first time.

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