Rosemary Extract 銆€銆€In view of the long-term use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers will bring a series of adverse consequences, such as the emergence of harmful biological resistance, residual toxicity and environmental pollution and other ills, which in turn lead to environmental protection, ecological balance and human and animal poisoning and other major problems, so many highly toxic, high residual, persistent pesticides have been banned. at present, 鈥淕reen Pesticides and Natural Fertilizers鈥?are strongly advocated by countries all over the world. plants, as a natural treasure trove of bioactive compounds, are compatible with the environment, non-hazardous and have a unique mechanism of action. first, the active ingredients of plant pesticides are naturally occurring and therefore generally easily degradable, with little possibility of accumulating toxicity in the environment. at the same time, plants are an integral part of the ecological environment, and people and animals are in the same environment with such plants for a long time, thus plant pesticides are considered to be less toxic to people and animals and ecologically friendly pesticides and fertilizers. 銆€銆€At present, the matrine, oxymatrine, pyrethrin, rotenone, azadirachtin, macleaya cordata extract and triptolide produced by our company have been widely used in agriculture, liverstock and other fields by many companies, and have won high recognition customers. Macleaya cordata extract Rosemary extract Tea saponin Matrine extract 銆€銆€HJ HERB Co., Ltd. annual productivity of 3000 tons with advanced production equipment, mature production process the company always keeps strict control on product quality. In the process of product production, we strictly follow GMP standards, and all the production control links have detailed documented instructions and process records, which undoubtedly further ensure the stability of product quality. 銆€銆€In our R&D department, more natural ingredients are being developed for pesticides, fertilizers and livestock health, with the vision to explore more possibilities in the future together with you. 銆€銆€*To add this branded ingredient to your final product. Email: [email protected] Extract website: