Rental agreement terms and conditions
The rental agreement will be subject to all of the following conditions, and with any signature behind this page, the tenant indicates that he/she is bound by these conditions:
Delivery and returns:
The lessee declares that he has received the rented car from AvantGrid Car Rental LLC (hereinafter referred to as the owner) in good condition, without any defects and suitable for the purpose for which he rented the car, and the lessee must return the car with all documents and accessories and in the same condition as it was Receive it in it to the landlord at the location and at the date and time specified in the rental agreement. And the failure to do so or (if the need arises) to complete at the time of return as stated in the delay control list, the lessee hereby accepts the owner’s intervention and re-acquisition of the car at any time without request and at the lessee’s cost, and if the car is used in a way that constitutes a breach of this agreement. The agreement has been made and I am fully aware that any extension of the agreement period must be made after obtaining the prior approval of the owner.
terms of use :
The owner provides the car in accordance with the terms of the agreement / or on the condition that the renter holds a valid driving license and has held this license for a period of not less than one year in the right of possession and that it is valid in the area of operation The age of the renter must not be less than 25 years in the event that the age of The lessee is more than 22 years old but less than 25 years old. 10% of the amount deposited for insurance claims will be deducted in addition to adding the insurance that must be paid by the lessee. The lessee must take care of the car and its accessories with complete care, keep the car key in his possession, and lock the car when turn it off. The lessee shall not allow the vehicle to be used for the following purposes: A- Transporting people and / or goods for the purpose of obtaining a fare or reward. B- Pushing or pulling a car or anything else C- In any race or competition D- When the lessee is under Effects of alcohol or any other substance that affects or impairs his consciousness or impairs his ability to react. C- Violating or violating any customs, traditions, traffic regulations or any common application in the country. H- Or driving it by a person other than the person named behind this Page (or any additional driver's name mentioned herein) X- Outside the UAE without the prior consent of the owner and that the renter guarantees that the car will not be used in this way. D- Carrying more people than the permitted capacity Y- Using the car for training and educational purposes Driving. R- Any unusual purposes for which the vehicle was not designed to be used.
The tenant will pay or refund what the landlord has spent upon request, the sum of the following amounts: a. The rental will be for a period of 24 hours a day, and the renter will allow an additional two hours to return the car, and after these two hours, the renter will be asked to pay a full day's rent. b. Time and mileage costs calculated at the prices specified and in accordance with the terms of this agreement or according to the current tariff at the beginning of the rental. Any costs for refueling, collision damage waiver, theft protection, personal accident insurance, supplemental insurance and/or any other applicable standard or miscellaneous costs at the rates in the Agreement or in the current Tariff which the Renter confirms that it has seen and agreed to. Landlord's cost, including reasonable legal fees, arising in collection of amounts due from the Tenant under this Agreement. c. Any fines, penalties and court fees or any costs imposed on the owner in accordance with the law and that occurred during the use of the vehicle when it was rented by the lessee unless the reason behind this is the fault of the owner. However, this will not release or absolve the tenant or any directly responsible person from bearing the consequences of that from any governmental authority in relation to his illegal behavior. h. The landlord sets an estimate for repair costs including air and storage (an amount deductible if damage to the car occurs during the validity of the agreement. The estimate will be set by the landlord according to the final repair and other costs as they become known. This condition will not apply if the renter decides to pay and there is no Breach of any provision of this Agreement X. Renter will remain liable and legally liable for the payment of fines arising from breaches of traffic laws upon receipt including service costs for settlement of traffic fines D. Renter agrees to accept the debit account on the credit card amount for costs that arise Under this Rental Agreement if the Landlord accepts payment on those grounds A. Any additional clause or loss/damage A legal liability that cannot be covered by the insurance company A. Regardless of the insurance, tire repair and replacement are among the tenant's responsibilities G. Any costs A percentage arises from misuse of the vehicle or loss/damage to the vehicle that is not attributable to theft, normal wear or not covered under the warranty of the vehicle manufacturer.

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