He took out the wood again and said, "This is the heart of the chaotic tree. I don't know why the heart of the chaotic tree falls on a small stall in the virtual market, but this is the real heart of the tree." After the Nirvana of the Chaotic Tree, he was always with him, so he saw at a glance that this was the heart of the Chaotic Tree. He didn't know if the man in Tsing Yi recognized that it was the heart of the Chaotic Tree. If the man in Tsing Yi recognized it, it was definitely a mixed emperor who had something to do with the Chaotic Tree. ……” Kui's words let the rest of the people immediately shocked, the heart of the chaotic tree? This is not a simple thing. What is the chaos tree? The tree of life that created the world. But Chi Wanqing and Mu Xiaoyun looked at him doubtfully. Isn't the chaotic tree on him? How can there be such an ancient tree heart? "This should be the heart of my Chaotic Tree before Nirvana, when the Chaotic Tree was cracked by several Hunyuan Shengdi and dissipated in the void of the universe.". I got the nirvana seeds of the chaos tree after they germinated, while the rest of the chaos tree was scattered around. Said with emotion. Boss, can't you use this tree heart to promote the Chaotic Tree again? "Xiao Bingshen immediately asked.". He put away the heart of the tree in his hand again and said, "It could have been like this, but now I have a better use. The heart of the tree of chaos and the spirit of Xuanhuang can repair the vitality of the remnant world of the Holy Way and make up for the leakage of the spirit of the remnant world of the Holy Way." Kui really think so, he has the spirit of Xuanhuang, he always feels that the spirit of Xuanhuang is not enough. Zhuge Zhichen's chaotic gourd treasure, Xuanhuang gas is very much, but the remnant of the holy way is not a small place. Now, with the addition of the heart of the chaotic tree, I finally have some confidence. It's a pity. Small ice ginseng muttered, it has the deepest relationship with the chaotic tree, now this tree heart can not be used by the chaotic tree,cosmetic packaging wholesale, it is a pity. As for whether the remnant of the Holy Way can be repaired, that is not within its scope of consideration. Kui stood up and said, "I want to go in and refine the flag of the protective array. After returning to the remnant world of the Holy Way, I want to arrange a large protective array.". Wuying and Xiaobingshen, Qiu Rang three control Moyuesuo. Then he waved a space door again on the Moyue shuttle, "You can go in and out of the golden page world from here at any time." "I'll go in, too." See into the gold page world,oil dropper bottle, Zhen Bingyu hurriedly said a sentence, followed by also into the gold page world. "Bing Yu, this is for you. There are some Taoist fruits and cultivation resources you need.". With your aptitude, it's not very far to have these Daoyuan to prove the truth. When he saw Zhen Bingyu following him into the world of gold pages, he took out a ring and handed it to her. Zhen Bingyu came in, of course, to help promote the Holy Body, but before she could speak, she was shocked by the scenery inside. ...... Chapter two, two, four, five return to the remnant of the holy way. Spiritual veins piled up like mountains, continuous mountains, rivers, Glass Cosmestic Containers ,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, seas, grasslands, deserts.. Under the management of the shadowless three, the golden page world is no longer the original world. Since I know to use Baidu to search for college students' novels, my mother no longer has to worry that I can't catch up with the fastest updates. In addition to mountains, rivers and grasslands, all kinds of fairy animals are running in a certain range, which is not the most important thing. The main thing is that Zhen Bingyu saw the cosmic starry sky scene that had already begun to evolve, and even saw a sun hidden in the clouds. This is definitely not a small world, nor a world of true spirits, nor even a world of five elements. This is a real world of chaos. Zhen Bingyu these years alone in the outside struggle, of course, can see that this is the chaotic world, the absolute chaotic world. Then she saw the yellow plum full of fruit, saw the Taichudao grain fruit, saw the bitter bamboo. Even if Zhen Bingyu was a Taoist emperor, she was shocked by the sight that she had never dreamed of. By this time, she had forgotten that she had come in to do the skin thing with him. Is this a chaotic world? It took a long time for Zhen Bingyu to ask in shock. He nodded and said, "Yes, you can live here in the future. This is our world." There are feelings for Zhen Bingyu in his heart, and he thinks of Zhen Bingyu more than once. Zhen Bingyu is completely different from Qingru in his heart. Even when he left something for Luo Ying and others, he would think of Zhen Bingyu. When he saw Zhen Bingyu again, Zhen Bingyu had no scruples about doing things with him, so that he had no extra scruples. Zhen Bingyu said so, he also pretended not to know, that is too much. But he did not really intend to do this kind of thing with Zhen Bingyu, at least to go back to see Luo Ying. Zhen Bingyu, of course, is not a fool, she is not only not a fool, but also knows that the Taoist couple is not one. She had planned to give herself completely to him, and after helping him achieve the holy body, she would continue to look for the opportunity of Daoyuan. But she immediately understood what he had said. As long as she wants, she can always be with him. Of course I do. There are so many opportunities here to prove the truth. I don't want to go. Zhen Bingyu answered in surprise. Know Zhen Bingyu's temperament, Zhen Bingyu is with him, and then change bit by bit, how can he not understand Zhen Bingyu? If Zhen Bingyu doesn't want to stay here, not to mention Dao Dao yuan, she will give up even Dao Dao Hun yuan. She said this just to find an excuse for herself to stay. Kui, we.. Before Zhen Bingyu had finished speaking, he was stopped and gently pulled into his arms. "Let's talk about the matter of the skin after you prove Dao yuan. I'll take you to see Luo Ying then." Zhen Bingyu's heart suddenly disappeared at this moment, and she felt that she was trembling and weak all over. Kui's feeling is the same as some hot, but he still loosened Zhen Bingyu, he thought of Luo Ying and light snow and Song Yingzhu. Feel Ye Mo loosened oneself, Zhen Bingyu also calmed down. She had been with him for so many years,Glass Cream Jars, and of course she knew what he was thinking. Kui has a kind of ordinary mind that other immortals do not have. Like a layman, he is so clear about his joys and sorrows. It is precisely because of this ordinary heart, let Zhen Bingyu feel different from others. penghuangbottle.com