It should just be that he thinks too much. - (Third watch ~ Good night ~) Volume 3 Chapter 753: Wind Chime in the South, Weighing Wood in the North (16) Li Nanheng looked at them until the end of the training, the dismissal of the team, the man's dark eyes across the crowd, and finally fixed on the body of Feng Ling. Feng Ling, as if he had not seen him, went directly to Han Jin: "Deputy drillmaster, I came here for training on the first day, where should I live in the future?" Han Jin paused, hesitated for a moment, thinking that the base members of the first team usually live in the back of the buildings, just said to make a phone call to ask which room there is a bed, the result suddenly caught a glimpse of Li Nanheng's figure came over. The eldest brother Han Jin quickly turned and looked at Li Nanheng. Nan Heng didn't answer, but when he approached, he slanted his head and lit a cigarette, his hand was so casually inserted in his pants pocket, the cigarette was in his mouth, there was a tiny smoke lingering in front of his cold face, his neat black hair was a little messy by the wind, but it added a few traces of untouchable wildness,Warehouse storage racks, just like the handsome side face of the ancient Roman God of War in the oil painting of the ancient century. Han Jin and Xiao Xu, the two big men standing aside, had to secretly say that the boss was really him. Mom . It is the legendary male seduction. 。 Fortunately, there are no women in this base, even the base canteen cooks are men, otherwise it is estimated that Li Laoda will be eaten by women sooner or later. Do you have something to do with the assistant instructor? Nan Heng asked, this is obviously asking Feng Ling. Feng Ling just replied lightly: "Well,Pallet rack beams, I have something to do." Then he continued to face Han Jin and asked, "Where do I live?" The completely neglected Nan Heng quietly took the cigarette from his lips and gave him another cold glance. Teenagers wearing new black hair down to do battle clothes, still male and female difficult to distinguish the face because of such appropriate equipment and look bright, more flat filled with a few handsome, especially the shadow under the ink hair fell in a pair of eyes, as if with a little thin light to attract reverie. Realizing that he had inadvertently looked at a 13-year-old smelly boy so attentively, Nan Heng squinted again and glanced at several buildings not far away: "Han Jin, arrange a single room for him. He is young and looks much thinner than many members. Living in the dormitory, it is estimated that he will be eaten alive by those little brothers in a few days. Let him live alone first." Let's talk about it after adapting to the life of the base. When Feng Ling heard this, he took a serious look at Nan Heng and said, "Thank you, boss." If she lives alone, it's relatively convenient, whether it's bathing or wrapping her chest every day, Industrial pallet rack ,Drive in racking system, she can have her own space, and she doesn't need to avoid others, and she doesn't need to be too careful to cover up. Nan Heng did not respond. His slender fingers flicked the cigarette butt, and he lowered his eyes and glanced at the clothes on her body and the black boots at her feet. He spat out a cold sentence: "Thirteen years old, and your height is not very good. After you have been in the base for five years, it is estimated that you can't even reach 1.7 meters. It is also the first dwarf in XI base so far." If it weren't for the fact that your speed reflects your agility, I'm afraid you're not qualified to stand here. When Feng Ling heard his words, he couldn't help but raise his eyebrows. "So in the eyes of boss Li, whether he is skillful or not depends on his height." Nan Heng finally put his cold eyes on her, and there was a slight cold light in his eyes: "With your small body, what advantages do you have besides being quick?"? There is really a strong man of two or three hundred pounds in front of you, I'm afraid you want to give the other side a shoulder throw can not resist, fast and ruthless is only the form, and physical endurance is the most basic, you even a basic physical fitness is not up to standard, they dream of their own base in the XI, I'm afraid it's too high on themselves. Physical fitness. This is indeed the weakest item of Feng Ling so far. Her strength is stronger than that of a girl, but she is much weaker than that of a boy of the same age. The most basic disparity between men and women is in strength and physical fitness. I'm just young, and in another three or five years, the boss will wait and see. Seal Ling hook lips, the smile in the eyes is obviously just an expression to leave behind the expression, and did not really reach the bottom of my heart. Nan Heng looked at him lightly and repeated in an indifferent voice: "After three or five years, can there be 1.7 meters?" "Even if I don't have 1.7 meters, I can definitely resist you, boss Li." Feng Ling's face was light and handsome. He leaned forward slightly and approached Nan Heng. His eyes, which were like the stars in the night, looked at him like this. The corners of his mouth were slightly hooked: "Or, after three or five years, Boss Li was afraid that I would throw you over the shoulder casually. He was afraid that I would lose face?" Nan Heng's face was expressionless, seeing the young man's white and delicate skin clearer than a woman's, looking at the young man's face so wantonly close, breathing the faint smell of bath milk on the young man, inexplicably in the fragrance of a different kind of sweet. Even, the young man's slightly hooked lips are suffused with light powder, and the thin lips that have never been painted with any skin care products and color cosmetics have a natural clean color and luster, as if with a certain lure in silence. Confused 。 Facing a 13-year-old boy, Nan Heng was cold and old, but his eyes glanced at Feng Ling's chest again. The chest is flat. He also looked a little stronger than he had imagined. It's totally different from the one in the steam room. Mom. Yes 。 It's okay to dream at night. In the face of a teenage brat in broad daylight, he had a kind of expectation that he wanted to strip off his clothes and see clearly. In the heart already doubted that oneself is not really because of the lack of women, so will be strange to a long thin skin tender flesh of the child hair. Spring On the surface, Nan Heng is reserved and indifferent, without any superfluous expression, only with a smile in his eyes, but the smile is so cold that people can't figure it out. His black eyes are full of warnings: "Want to throw me?"? In the past three or five years,radio shuttle racking, I'm afraid you'll have to train 24 hours without sleep. Don't slack off. Otherwise, if you can't even break a finger of mine, even the brothers in the base will laugh at you for many years. 。