Originally published as How do women in the workplace dress appropriately? Just look at these smart collocations of Naza, which are elegant and generous. Fashion and dry style or Naza is the best to wear! Simple and generous collocation, light fashion female style super strong Fashionable clothing is a kind of icing on the cake design for fashionable women's collocation. Especially the recent more popular white shirt design, delicate and fashionable design so that the traditional white shirt has been improved, in the delicate version is easier to show the charm of a fashionable woman, this kind of clothing is generally more fashionable and generous design, in the capable style to show only the unique style of light fashion women. Exquisite shirt design in the traditional clothing expression, the grasp of the sense of size will be relatively old-fashioned, this kind of clothing is generally based on a more typical right-angled shoulder and delicate collar design, which will make women's wear look more like the style of teaching director. But for the recent fashion shirt is to do a lot of improvements,retractable tape measure sewing, loose version for women to wear is more prominent personal color. Especially like the recent expression of Naza's delicate shirt design, fashionable and generous clothing with a very loose version of the design to display clothing, although this kind of wear in the expression of women's clothing will appear more casual, but in the expression of details is not difficult to see a sense of refinement. Especially when the more delicate shirt design is mainly matched with bubble sleeves,custom tailor tape, it shows a more relaxed expression. Expand the full text In fact, although this kind of clothing is a relatively loose design, but when it is mainly designed with bubble sleeves, delicate and generous clothing is mainly designed with square shoulders, although it is not the traditional more formal design of right-angle shoulders, but the expression of the overall clothing is a more formal design to wear. This type of clothing is also a very fashionable style of clothing in the recent expression of clothing wear. The delicate shirt design worn by Naza is also a typical design of a round-necked shirt. This kind of clothing is more likely to show a more fashionable style of expression for women's clothing with the expression of large open collar. But generally for more conservative women, this type of clothing is very easy to feel uncomfortable, if so, garment measuring tape ,personalised tailor tape, you might as well learn from Guli Nazha in the choice of matching a more delicate fashion shirt. Secondly, in the design of the small skirt worn by Naza, the delicate and generous printed skirt is a very hierarchical design for the overall clothing design. This kind of clothing is mainly designed with soft mid-length skirts, which will be more literary and artistic in the fashion clothing with strong fresh style, but it is a kind of strengthening effect for the charm of elegant women. Generally speaking, for most women's fashion clothes, a fresh and chic skirt will be more appropriate, especially for the recent shirt worn by Naza with a skirt design. Fresh and chic styles tend to be more attractive, and this kind of clothing is also very suitable for women aged 20 to 30. For the printed skirt design with shirt skirt design, it is easier to show a more formal style in the expression of fresh style. This type of clothing will be more powerful than the previous elegant shirt design. Especially in Naza's fashion clothing expression, the more generous design is based on a very complicated printing expression, which is more fashionable in the layered skirt. This type of aura skirt is more likely to make people feel moved in the chic clothing design. Especially the bow design of the belt shows a full fashion style. This type of clothing is generally a typical fashion skirt for capable women, and the fresh and chic style is full of fashion style. But in Naza's wear, fashionable and delicate dynamic wear is also a more attractive collocation for most capable women. Among them, the design of this ruffle is mainly a very "rich" printing design, although it is more common in fashionable women's wear, but such a dress is also one of the very cute designs. Fashionable and generous jacket will be more suitable for general daily wear, especially with the design of small V-neck, delicate and generous style is really on the head. The collocation of this kind of clothing is mainly suspenders, showing a different sense of nifty in the fresh style, which is also a style that many capable women can try. Which of Naza's outfits do you like better? Editor/Xiao Li Children's Shoes Disclaimer:  tape-measure.com